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May 2016  

President's Report

Hello Supply Management Professionals,

Having just returned from ISM2016, meeting and talking to other ISM affiliates, such as Houston, Pittsburgh, Dallas, Chicago, and Los Angeles, I can with pride and confidence share with you, ISM-Nashville is among the best of the best!  ISM-Nashville is dedicated to the education, professional development, and professional certification for supply management professionals throughout Middle Tennessee. 

One reason, I can confidently tell you we are as good as those big city affiliates, is because of the networking ISM-Nashville has with each and every one of these groups.  Friendly competition is good for everyone, but strong networks provide for world class benchmarking and idea sharing.  Our job as supply professionals is challenging enough, but establishing a network of kindred minds, experienced supply professionals, is simply priceless.  These same challenges apply whether you are in Los Angeles, Chicago, or right here in Music City.  As supply management professionals, we are only as strong as our networks around us. 

ISM-Nashville takes a planning break during the summer months, but check back in mid-July to see the award winning schedule of subject matter experts and guest speakers we have lined up for you.  If you have any questions, or want information regarding membership, certifications, or scheduling on-site training at your facility, please send us an email at [email protected]

And finally, on a personal note, I must take the opportunity to thank all of the officers, directors, mentors, and guest speakers that made my duties as president simply amazing.  All of us are volunteers, are passionate about the advancement of supply management, and are dedicated to serving others.  I would never take for granted the time and effort they have extended, and as president, I cannot thank them enough for their spirit, enthusiasm, and long hours.  ISM-Nashville is an award winning team, because of the efforts of each and every officer and director.   I have confidence that the new team of officers and directors will lead ISM-Nashville to new heights and break new records. 


Tex Shellhart, C.P.M.

ISM-Nashville Past President


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